日本FIX委員会トレーディングサミット2023 2023年10月5日(木)

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開会のご挨拶 (10:00-10:05)

梅野 淳也

梅野 淳也

日本FIX委員会 共同委員長
マネージング ディレクター クライアントビジネス部門

神戸大学経済学部卒業。早稲田大学大学院ファイナンス研究科修了。証券会社等を経て、2006年よりバークレイズ・グローバル・インベスターズ株式会社(現ブラックロック・ジャパン株式会社)にてトレーディング業務に従事。2015年よりトレーディング・レンディング&リクイディティ部門長。2023年6月より現職。公益社団法人 日本証券アナリスト協会検定会員(CMA)。共著に『価格はなぜ動くのか』(日経BP社)、『計量アクティブ運用のすべて』(きんざい)がある。「日本株レンディング市場の実証分析 -株券貸借モデルによる空売り規制効果の測定-」(共著)で2009年度証券アナリストジャーナル賞を受賞。2011年より、日本FIX委員会共同委員長を務める。

Junya Umeno

Co-Chair, FIX Trading Community Japan Regional Committee
Managing Director
BlackRock Japan Co., Ltd.

Junya Umeno, Managing Director, is a member of Client Business in Blackrock Japan. He is in charge of managing relationship with OIG clients such as GPIF and BOJ.
Prior to the current role, Mr. Umeno was Head of Trading, Lending & Liquidity (TLL) at BlackRock Japan. He was responsible for coordinating and driving the Trading, Transition Management, Securities Lending and Cash Management business in Japan.
Mr. Umeno's service with the firm dates back to 2006, including his years with Barclays Global Investors (BGI), which merged with BlackRock in 2009. Prior to his current role, Mr. Umeno was Head of Trading in BlackRock Japan. Earlier, he spent several years as a senior trader at Franklin Templeton Investments.
Mr. Umeno earned a BA in Economics from Kobe University in 1996 and an MBA in Finance from Waseda University in 2006.

基調講演 1 (10:05-10:35)

齊藤 将彦

齊藤 将彦 氏

企画市場局 市場課長


Masahiko Saito

Director of the Financial Markets Division
Financial Services Agency

Masahiko Saito joined the Financial Supervisory Agency (now the Financial Services Agency) in 2000 and was appointed Deputy Director of the Financial Markets Division of the Planning and Coordination Bureau in 2007. Masahiko was seconded to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 2014 to 2016. Masahiko became Director of the Macro Analysis Office, Planning and Coordination Bureau in 2017. After serving as Secretary to the Minister of State for Financial Services, Masahiko has been in his current position since July 2023.

講演 1 (10:40-11:10)

河野 龍太郎

河野 龍太郎 氏

経済調査本部長 チーフエコノミスト

1987年 横浜国立大学経済学部卒業、住友銀行(現三井住友銀行)入行。1989年 大和投資顧問(現三井住友DSアセットマネジメント株式会社)入社、エコノミストとして日米経済、金利・為替予測を担当。1994年より米国駐在エコノミストとして、米国経済、金融・通貨政策の分析を担当した後、1996年に帰国し、グローバルボンドファンド等の運用を担当。1997年 第一生命経済研究所入社し、主任研究員、上席主任研究員としてマクロ経済・金融の分析を担当。2000年11月より現職。2023年7月より東京大学先端科学技術研究センター客員上級研究員。
日経ヴェリタス「債券・為替アナリスト エコノミスト人気調査」のエコノミスト部門で2021年より3年連続、過去15年で10回の首位。日本経済研究センターのESPフォーキャスト調査(2011年度までは(社)経済企画協会)で、2005年度、2007年度、2012年度、2014年度、2015年度、2020年度の総合成績優秀フォーキャスター(予測的中率の高かった5名)に選出。
著書に、『成長の臨界 「飽和資本主義」はどこへ向かうのか』(慶応義塾大学出版会)、共訳に、アラン・ブラインダー『金融政策の理論と実践』(東洋経済新報社)、等

Ryutaro Kono

Chief Japan Economist
BNP Paribas Securities (Japan) Limited

Ryutaro Kono is Chief Japan Economist and Head of Global Markets Research Japan, responsible for analyzing and forecasting macroeconomic and policy developments in Japan.
Prior to joining BNP Paribas, Ryutaro was a senior economist at Dai-Ichi-Life Research Institute in Tokyo, where he was in charge of analyzing the macro economy and monetary policy. After graduating with a degree in economics from Yokohama National University, Ryutaro did a stint with Sumitomo Bank (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) before joining Daiwa International Capital Management (DICM) as an economist working on FX and interest rate forecasts and the US and Japanese economies. While at DIMC, Ryutaro went to New York as senior economist (in charge of analyzing the US economy and monetary policy) and then returned to Tokyo to become the senior portfolio manager (in charge of Pension Management Department). From July 2023, he has been a Visiting Senior Research Fellow of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo.
Ryutaro has deep expertise in monetary and fiscal policy, and has worked as a member on various government panels dealing with fiscal affairs. Ryutaro is a frequent commentator on economic issues in the local press and television and has been repeatedly recognized as one of Japan’s top economists (voted No.1 3 consecutive years from 2021 and 10 of the last 15 years by Nikkei Veritas) and named top 5 forecasters for FY 2005, 2007, 2012, 2014 2015, 2020 by ESP Forecast (which has been currently operated by Japan Center for Economic Research).


基調講演 2 (11:15-11:45)

山道 裕己

山道 裕己 氏

取締役 兼 代表執行役グループCEO

1977年、野村證券株式会社(現、野村ホールディングス株式会社)に入社。98 年取締役、2000年常務取締役、海外法人の社長、会長を経て、07 年専務執行役。2013 年に株式会社大阪取引所代表取締役社長兼株式会社日本取引所グループの取締役に就任。21年4 月株式会社東京証券取引所代表取締役社長就任を経て 23年4 月より現職。京都大学法学部卒業、ペンシルバニア大学ウォートン校にてMBA取得。

Hiromi Yamaji

Group CEO, Japan Exchange Group, Inc.,
Japan Exchange Group, Inc.

Hiromi Yamaji is Group CEO of Japan Exchange Group, Inc. He joined the group in June 2013 as CEO of Osaka Exchange, Inc, then was appointed as CEO of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. in April 2021.Before joining the group, he served as Executive Vice President and Head of Global Investment Banking at Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. During his career at Nomura, he served as CEO and Chairman of its overseas affiliates. He graduated from Kyoto University and holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

パネルディスカッション 1 (12:30-13:10)

寺山 恵

寺山 恵 氏

ディレクター チャネルマネジメントESG


Megumi Terayama

Director, Channel Management ESG 
S&P Dow Jones Indices

Megumi Terayama is Director, Channel Management ESG for S&P Dow Jones Indices. Before joining S&P Dow Jones indices, she has been leading ESG investing research as a Managing Director of the Institute of Social System Research at Nikko Research Center, Inc. She has more than five-year experience as a Senior Consultant at Mercer Japan, where she was a member of the Responsible Investment global team.
She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Kyoto University and a master’s degree in public affairs from School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University. CFA, CMA.

安岡 日平

安岡 日平 氏


日,米,欧の大手金融機関にて30年以上にわたり上場デリバティブ営業部長(ニューヨークと東京) を担当。その後、2020にオプティバーに入社し、マーケットメイカーとして日本を含むアジアの機関投資家に上場デリバティブ、ETF、商品、為替のカバレッジを遂行。現在に至る。

Nippei Yasuoka

Head of Japan Institutional Sales  

Nippei joined Optiver in February 2020 after 30 years of experience in Fixed Income and Equities sales trading roles. Prior to Optiver, Nippei managed APAC listed derivatives department at IBJ Lanston, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and recently at Deutsche Bank. Nippei graduated from Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) with BS in Business Administration degree. Optiver is one of the oldest and leading market making firm in the world. Nippei’s role at Optiver is to provide liquidity to Japan / APAC institutional investors in multiple exchanges across the globe, trading options, futures, equities, FX, fixed income, and commodities products.

レイモンド ミーナン

レイモンド ミーナン 氏

BGC/GFI Group Japan  

新島高校で数年間勤務ののち金融業界に転職。DepotマーケットでブローカーとしてDMS、ESPデポ、その他の欧州通貨ペアを担当。その後、Tradition Financial Services、GFI証券の FX Options部門で16年間、エクイティ部門で12年間ブローカーを
務める。現在はBGC証券ジャパンでエクイティ・デリバティブ・デスクマネージャーとして、CMEのE-mini S&P 500オプション時間外取引の立ち上げに尽力し同ビジネスの成長に大きく貢献している。

Raymond Meenan

Senior Manager/Co Desk Head
Japan and US Equity Products
BGC/GFI Group Japan

Ray, originally from Donegal, Ireland, came to Japan over 34 years ago, and after a few years of living (and learning to surf!) on Niijima Island, teaching there in Niijima High School as part of the JET Program, joined the Financial Markets as a Broker, initially on the Depot Markets doing DMS, ESP Depots and other European ccy pairs before moving on to broke FX Options. Ray worked on FX Options for 16 years, mainly at Tradition Financial Services and GFI before moving over to the Equity side and has been broking Equity Derivatives for the last 12 years.
Currently Ray works for BGC Shoken Kaisha Japan and co-runs their Equity Derivatives desk there. Ray was instrumental in helping launch the listed CME E-mini S&P 500 Options during Extended Trading Hours and continues to help grow the business. Ray also helped negotiate the first ever Broker traded Digital Asset Options and Futures Trade in Asia Blocking BTC Options and Futures on CME last year.

王子 富幸

王子 富幸 氏


2002年4月-2006年3月 東京大学理科一類入学、東京大学工学部システム創成学科進学
2006年4月-2008年3月 東京大学大学院新領域創成科学研究科入学
2008年4月- ゴールドマン・サックス株式会社 入社
2021年12月 グローバル・マーケッツ部門 エクイティデリバティブトレーディング部 マネージング・ディレクター就任
2023年4月- ゴールドマン・サックス株式会社 退社
2023年7月- 野村證券株式会社 入社
エクイティ・トレーディング部 フロー・デリバティブ・トレーディング課 マネージング・ディレクター就任

Tomiyuki Oji

Managing Director
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd

Apr 2002 - Mar 2006 School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
Apr 2006 - Mar 2008 Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo
Apr 2008 –Apr 2023 Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.
Dec 2021 Global Markets, Equity Derivative Trading, Managing Director
Jul 2023 – Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
Aug 2023 Head of Index Flow Derivatives Trading, Asia-Pacific, Managing Director


ミナ・キム 氏

CME Group  
エクイティ・インデックス & 暗号通貨商品


Minah Kim

Senior Director, Head of APAC Equity & Cryptocurrency Products
CME Group

Minah Kim serves as Senior Director, Equity & Cryptocurrency Products, Asia Pacific for CME Group, based in Singapore. She is responsible for the development and execution of CME Group’s global equity index and cryptocurrency product strategies in the region. Kim’s financial services career spans more than 20 years, including most recently serving as Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong before she joined CME Group in 2017. As a sales trader, she was in charge of servicing clients who trade multinational exchange-listed derivatives during Asian hours. Before that, Kim worked for Citigroup in Korea where she established the local presence of its futures and options desk, as well as for J.P.Morgan, where she traded listed derivatives for both international and domestic Korean institutional clients.
Kim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Politics & Diplomacy from Ewha Womans University, Korea, and a MBA from University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School.

講演 2 (13:15-13:35)

Mark Randall

Mark Randall

Director, Information Services
Johannesburg Stock Exchange


Mark Randall

Director, Information Services
Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Mark Randall is the Director of Information Services at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), the largest stock exchange in Africa. The JSE operates two cash markets and four derivative markets in South Africa, and the Information Services team under his leadership is responsible for the data assets of the Exchange across all six markets, including regulatory, real-time and end of day data.
Mark has over 15 years’ work experience in the data arena at the JSE. His experience spans market data licensing, data analytics and quantitative pricing, as well as reference data, indices, risk management and data governance. Mark is a member of the Actuarial Society of South Africa and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, and is an active member of the investment actuary community in South Africa.
As Director of Information Services, his mandate and passion is to revolutionise the way that the JSE thinks about its data assets and data strategy to entrench a modern data capability within the exchange and uncover new revenue opportunities for the exchange.

パネルディスカッション 2 (13:40-14:25 )

松原 弘

松原 弘

日本FIX委員会 共同委員長
パイングローブ・リサーチ 代表


Hiroshi Matsubara

Co-chair, Japan Regional Committee
FIX Trading Community
Representative, Pine Grove Research

With more than 30-year industry experience in marketing financial information and electronic transaction products. Serves as Co-Chair of the Japan regional committee of FIX Trading Community since 2007 and has taken the industrial thought leadership role. Set up own business entity “Pine Grove Research” in 2021 focussed on new technologies in financial markets by mainly serving for off-shore FinTech firms. Previously spent 15 years at Fidessa (now ION Group) by overseeing product marketing and marketing communication activities. Originally worked for Reuters for 17 years holding various product marketing positions both in Japan and overseas (UK and US). Joined Reuters London as a graduate management trainee from Reuters Asia in 1987.

水田 孝信

水田 孝信 氏

運用調査本部 ファンドマネージャー 兼 上席研究員

2002年東京大学大学院理学系研究科修士課程修了、2004年スパークス・アセット・マネジメント株式会社入社。2014年東京大学大学院工学系研究科博士課程修了。博士(工学)。2014年度から2022年度まで東京大学公共政策大学院非常勤講師。2016年度より人工知能学会金融情報学研究会幹事、2022年度より主査。国際学術会議 IEEE CIFEr 2014にて3rd place award受賞。2020年度人工知能学会全国大会優秀賞受賞など受賞多数。

Takanobu Mizuta

Investment & Research Division
Fund Manager and Senior Researcher
SPARX Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

In 2002, Dr. Mizuta received a Master degree from Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo. In 2004, He joined SPARX Asset Management. In 2014, he received Ph.D. from School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. From 2014 to 2022 he was a part-time lecturer of the Graduate School of Public Policy, the University of Tokyo. He won 3rd place award for IEEE CIFEr 2014, the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Annual Conference Award 2020 and many other awards.

別所 昌樹

別所 昌樹 氏



Masaki Bessho

Head of FinTech Center,
Payment and Settlement Systems Department
Bank of Japan

Masaki Bessho is Head of FinTech Center, Bank of Japan. His previous assignments at the Bank include Deputy Chief Representative for Europe and Head of Financial Infrastructure Studies Division of its Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies. He leads diverse research projects focusing on implications of novel technologies on financial systems and central banking services. He also represents the Bank at a number of domestic and international forums on digital currency and FinTech.

パネルディスカッション3 (14:30-15:00)

今井 晶子

今井 晶子 氏

バーチュ・ファイナンシャル ニュー・セールス 

Virtu FInancialの新規営業部門グローバル・ヘッドであり、ヴァーチュのグローバル経営委員会のメンバー。
現職就任以前は、POSITアラート(電子ブロック)アジア太平洋デスクをゼロから立ち上げ、Virtuのエグゼキューション・ビジネスに欠かせない収益の柱に育て上げ、リーダーシップを発揮してきた。POSITアラートビジネスをリードするだけでなく、商品のクロスセリングにも注力し、特にこれまでバーチュの存在感が薄かった日本での実績を伸ばした。慶應義塾大学経済学部卒業後、リーマン・ブラザーズおよび野村證券に勤務。2018年にニューヨークで「Rising Star Women in Finance Award」を受賞。

Akiko Imai

Global Head of New Sales
Virtu Financial

Ms. Imai is the Global Head of New Sales at Virtu Financial and a member of Virtu’s Global Management Committee.
Prior to her current role, Ms. Imai has built the POSIT Alert (Electronic Block) Asia-Pacific desk from scratch to an essential revenue stream, providing leadership for Virtu’s execution Business. In addition to leading the POSIT Alert business, Ms. Imai also focused on cross-selling products, resulting in increased footprints particularly in Japan where, in the past, Virtu had limited presence. Ms. Imai has a B.A. in Economics from Keio University Japan, and previously worked for Lehman Brothers and Nomura Securities in Tokyo. She won the Rising Star Women in Finance Award in New York in 2018.


フィル・シェバリエ 氏


シンガポールを拠点とするPhil Chevalierは、APACのVirtu Execution Servicesチームの共同責任者を務め、同地域におけるエージェンシー・トレーディングとワークフロー・テクノロジーの監督に専門知識を提供している。 Virtu FInancialによる2019年の買収に先立ち、2015年にITGに入社。

Phil Chevalier

Co-Head of Virtu Execution Services APAC
Virtu Financial

Based in Singapore, Phil Chevalier serves as Co-Head of APAC’s Virtu Execution Services team and lends his expertise to help oversee the firm’s agency trading and Workflow Technology in the region. Phil joined ITG in 2015—prior to the firms’ 2019 acquisition by Virtu Financial.
Previously, Phil held roles in the financial technology field and specializing in execution management systems (EMSs), portfolio management and order management systems (OMSs) at firms such as Advent Software and Eze Software Group.
He holds a B.A. in both Political Science and Communications from Boston College.


ロバート・カピストロン 氏


Rob Capistronはアジア太平洋地域のバーチュ アナリティクス グループを統括し、プレトレード、リアルタイム、ポストトレード分析を含むVirtuのマルチアセット製品スイートをサポートしています。最近では、Virtu のオープン テクノロジー API プラットフォームを活用して、取引データに簡単にアクセスし、詳細な取引戦略分析を実行できるよう、顧客と協力しています。香港に赴任する前は、NY で Virtu のクライアント サービス チームを統括し、米国の機関投資家クライアントをサポートしていました。

Robert Capistron

Head of Analytical Client Services APAC
Virtu Financial

Rob Capistron heads the Virtu Analytics group in Asia Pacific, which supports Virtu’s multi-asset product suite including pre-trade, real-time, and post-trade analytics. More recently, Rob has been working with clients leveraging Virtu’s Open Technology API platform to more easily access their trading data to run in-depth trading strategy analysis. Prior to Rob’s move to Hong Kong, he managed Virtu’s Client Services team in NY, supporting the US institutional client base where he was heavily involved in the rollout of Virtu’s Algo Wheel reporting offering.
Rob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Boston College.

パネルディスカッション 4 (15:05-15:50)

Richard Hills

Richard Hills 氏

big xyt

リチャード・ヒルズは、big xytのクライアントエンゲージメント部門の責任者であり、JSE Trade Explorerデータ分析プロジェクトの戦略リーダーです。このプロジェクトは、現在Johannesburg Stock Exchange(JSE)とbig xytの新しい合弁会社であるbig xyt ecosystemsの指導のもとに進行中です。
リチャードは資本市場における30年以上の経験を持ち、big xytに参加する前に、主要な欧州投資銀行で電子取引ビジネスを立ち上げ運営し、その後グローバル株式執行チームのマネージングディレクターになる前に、その投資銀行で電子取引ビジネスを設立・運営しました。

Richard Hills

Head of Client Engagement
big xyt

Richard Hills is Head of Client Engagement at big xyt and the strategy lead on the JSE Trade Explorer data analytics project, which is now under the direction of big xyt ecosystems, the new joint venture between the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and big xyt.
Richard has over 30 years’ experience in capital markets, and before joining big xyt, he established and ran the electronic trading business at a major European investment bank before becoming managing director of the global equities execution team.
Prior to that, Richard trained as a systems engineer with IBM before joining Accenture as a consultant in financial markets.




モルガンスタンレー、並びにシティグループ・グローバル・マーケッツにてプログラム、オプション、デルタ 1 など多岐にわたりトレーディングの発展・自動化に従事。
学術分野では東京大学工学部の和泉潔 教授との共著にトレーディングにおいた深層強化学習に関する論文が幾つかある。

David DeGraw

Head of Algorithmic Trading
Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.

David Degraw is Head of Algorithmic Trading at Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. Japan and a senior member of the Equity Data Science Department. David has over 24 years of experience across electronic trading, program trading, options, and delta-1 derivatives. David has worked at Daiwa for over 10 years specializing in algorithmic trading, smart order routing and was responsible for implementing DRECT, Daiwa’s Japan dark pool. He is the product owner for Daiwa’s algorithmic trading, dark pool and smart order routing platforms and responsible for data science initiatives within the agency trading business.
David has been a panel speaker and moderator at industry and trading conferences and a steering committee member of the bi-annual Japan Electronic Trading Conference hosted by the Japan FIX Trading Community. At Daiwa,
He has also led academic research collaboration with the University of Tokyo and has co-authored published research focused on applications of deep reinforcement learning and simulated artificial markets to novel trading probleHis data science team is a recipient of an Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA) grant from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for the unique use case of an AI Optimized Algorithm Recommendation Model.
Prior to joining Daiwa, David worked at Morgan Stanley and Citigroup Global Markets in proprietary options, program, and delta-one derivative trading roles. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from UC Berkley.

司 化

司 化 氏

株式部 / ディレクター


SI, Hua

BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd.

Hua joined BofA Securities Japan in 2010. He is mainly responsible for design and improve algos of Equities Electronic Trading, TCA analysis and algo customization. He is also consulting clients on market microstructure change and related issues. Hua received Ph.D. on Machine Learning from the University of Tokyo, Master of Financial Engineering from University of California, Berkeley, and Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University.

浅野 渉

浅野 渉 氏


2001年 ロイオラ・メアリーマウント大学(企業経営学)卒業

Wataru Asano

Director, iShares Japan Global Markets
BlackRock Japan Co., Ltd.

Wataru Asano, Director, is in charge of the Global Markets team in BlackRock Japan’s ETF department. The Global Markets team is responsible for delivering market insights, execution services, and product structure expertise to iShares clients. The team also manages relationships with broker dealers and exchanges to bring trading and distribution expertise to the market. Finally, the team supports iShares’ efforts regarding ETF product and market structure issues to ensure a better ETF ecosystem.
Before joining BlackRock in 2014, Mr. Asano was Vice President at J.P. Morgan Securities, responsible for Cash Equities Program Trading. He joined J.P. Morgan’s Japan operations in 2007 and was a member of the Program Trading team until 2012. From 2001 to 2007, Mr. Asano was an index arbitrage trader on the equities desk at Dresdner Kleinwort Wassertstein Securities in Tokyo.
Mr. Asano earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Loyola Marymount University in 2001.

パネルディスカッション 5 (16:10-16:55)

山口 博志

山口 博志


2006年リクイドネット証券にITシステム・セキュリティ統括部長として入社。機関投資家向けの営業を経て、2012年9月代表取締役に就任。リクイドネット入社以前はAT&T/Lucent Technologiesにて国内テレコムキャリア向けのネットワーク機器営業また米国本社にてプロダクトマネージャとしてアジア市場開拓を担当。帰国後はグローバル・アライアンス・パートナーズ日本支社長として、米ITベンチャー企業に日本進出への戦略的助言を行う。明治大学政治経済学部卒。

Gucci Yamaguchi

Head of Liquidnet Japan

Gucci joined Liquidnet Japan in 2006 as General Manager of IT Systems and Security. After engaging in sales for institutional investors, Gucci was appointed as Representative Director in September 2012. Prior to joining Liquidnet, he worked for AT&T/Lucent Technologies as a senior sales manager for network equipment sales for domestic telecom carriers and as a product manager at the US headquarters, where Gucci was in charge of Asian market development. After returning to Japan, Gucci served as President of Global Alliance Partners, where Gucci provided strategic advice to U.S. IT start-up companies on how to enter the Japanese market. Gucci holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Economics from Meiji University.

大澄 好成

大澄 好成 氏

トレーディング部 シニア・トレーダー

早稲田大学商学部卒。MIT Sloan School of Management - Blockchain Technologies:Business Inovation and Application修了。日本証券アナリスト協会検定会員。CFA協会認定証券アナリスト。

Yoshimasa Osumi

Trading Dept Senior Trader of Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Yoshimasa Osumi joined Nomura Asset Management in 2011 and has 10 years of trading experience. He is responsible for trading in Japanese/Foreign equities, ETF, FX and Derivatives.
He holds a B.A. in Commerce from Waseda University. He completed a Blockchain Technologies Course of MIT Sloan School of Management. He is a CFA charterholder.

武田 建治

武田 建治 氏

トレーディング部 株式チーム長


Kenji Takeda

Head of Equity Team
Sumitomo Mitui Trust Asset Management Co.,LTD.

Joined SMBC Friend Securities 2006 April as Retail Sales, followed by Japanese Equities Principle Trading desk. 2013 joined domestic Asset Management as Japanese Equity trader.
2020 February joined Mitsui Sumitomo Trust Asset Management as a senior trader for Global Equity trading team. Promoted to desk head as of April 2023, responsible for global equity and FX trading.

坂本 剛直

坂本 剛直 氏



Gosuke Sakamoto

Senior Vice President, Electronic Sales Trading Equities Department
Jefferies Japan Ltd.

Gosuke Sakamoto captains the Electronic Trading desk for Jefferies Japan as a Senior VP, coverage for both international and domestic institutional clients.
Prior to Jefferies, Gosuke was at UBS in both Sales Trading and IT roles. He graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada with a BMath in Computer Science.

久枝 薫

久枝 薫 氏


2010年にチャイエックス・ジャパンに創業メンバーとして入社し、プロダクトや営業の企画・推進を担当。Cboe Global Marketsによるチャイエックス買収による社名変更を経て、2022年2月より現職。2024年は、PTSのプレゼンス向上への施策実行を継続すると共に、新市場(BIDS Japan)の立ち上げ・利用促進にも注力し、日本株執行市場を更に盛り上げていきます。

Kaoru Hisaeda

Head of Business Development
Cboe Japan Limited

Since joined Chi-X Japan in 2010 as a start-up member, in charge of planning and promoting products and sales. Being in the current role since February 2022 after the acquision of Chi-X by Cboe Global Markets. In 2024, we will continue to implement measures to enhance the presence of PTSs and focus on launching and promoting the use of a new market (BIDS Japan) to further liven the Japanese equity execution market.

柏原 悟志

柏原 悟志 氏

トレーディング・サービス部 担当部長


Satoshi Kashihara

Managing Director,

Satoshi Kashihara joined Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.in June 2015 as a Head of Electronic Trading Services.He has been working as Deputy Head of Trading Services Department.

講演 3 (17:00-17:30)

川井 洋毅

川井 洋毅 氏


1990 年、東京証券取引所入所。経営企画部、IT企画部長兼総合企画部企画統括役、IT開発部トレーディングシステム部長、株式部長等を経て、2017年執行役員。2023年4月より現職。現在は、株式に関する売買制度の企画・立案及び株式市場の売買監理を行う株式部、ETFのプライマリー、セカンダリー市場を包括的に振興することを目的としたETF推進部及び個人投資家層の資産形成活性化を担う金融リテラシーサポート部を率いる。

Hiroki Kawai

Senior Executive Officer (Equities, ETF Market Development, Financial Literacy Support and Equities Business Development)
Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

Hiroki Kawai is Senior Executive Officer and leads Equity Trading Business, ETF listing and trading Business, Financial Literacy Support and Equities Business Development since 2017.
He leads the teams responsible for the entire Cash Equity Trading encompassing trading rule making, market monitoring, management of margin trading and client relations management to ensure the stable trading service and stay market modernized.
He also oversees ETF Market Development, which was formed to raise the ETF primary and secondary market comprehensively in 2022 and Financial Literacy Support of which mission is to contribute the progress of Japanese Investor’s financial literacy.

パネルディスカッション 6 (17:30-18:00)

田中 麻伊

小林 美瑛 氏

株式営業本部 GSET部長


Mie Kobayashi

Head of GSET Japan
Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.

Mie started her career at Merrill Lynch in 2005 as middle office, moved to Electronic Trading Sales trading from 2007. From 2012 she moved to Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading covering onshore/offshore clients trading APAC markets. She has been assigned head of GSET Japan business since 2023, covering domestic/offshore clients trading APAC markets.

田中 麻伊

田中 麻伊 氏

トレーディング部 部長


Mai Tanaka

Managing Director
Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Started career as a FX trader, working on the buy-side and sell-side before joining Nomura Asset. After joining the Nomura Asset, started career in FX and Fixed income, then moved on to money market, lending and Japanese Equity trading operations. From 2019, became a playing manager on the UK trading desk. Current position from Apr 2023.

馬場 太一

馬場 太一 氏



Taichi Baba

Executive Director, Head of Program Trading
UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd.

Taichi Baba joined UBS has Head of Program Trading in 2013. In 2020 he took on the added responsibilities of heading the firm’s futures as well as domestic Japanese client execution businesses. He began his financial industry career with Merrill Lynch in 2003, trading special sits and merger arbitrage, and moving on to the program trading business in 2005. Taichi is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with majors in Economics and International Relations as well as a minor in Mathematical Sciences.

田中 勇毅

田中 勇毅 氏


2006年 慶應義塾大学(商学部)卒業
2012年 早稲田大学大学院(ファイナンス研究科)修士課程修了

Yuki Tanaka

The head of Transition Management Japan,
Vice President
BlackRock Japan Co., Ltd.

Yuki Tanaka, Vice President, is Client Strategist for the APAC Transition Management(TRIM).
Mr. Tanaka is responsible for the business development and origination of transition mandates for not only Japan but also Asia countries.
TRIM manages the orderly implementation of complex transition events for large institutional investors across multi-asset portfolios. Transition management has become an essential service in the investment lifecycle for asset owners. Clients can maximise cost savings, minimise risks and reinforce discipline and accountability during periods of significant portfolio change.
Mr. Tanaka's service with the firm began in 2011. Prior to his current role, Mr. Tanaka was responsible for Global Trading as a trader at BlackRock. Prior to BlackRock, Mr. Tanaka was a senior trader at Nissay Asset Management in Japan where he was responsible for both Japanese and internantional equity trading.
Mr. Tanaka earned a BA in Economics from Keio University in 2006 and an MBA degree in Finance from Waseda University in 2012.

パネルディスカッション 7 (18:05-18:55)

山中 美穂

山中 美穂 氏





Miho Yamanaka

Head of Japan Sustainability Office
Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd.

Miho Yamanaka joined Morgan Stanley Institutional Equities Division in 2007. She became the COO of Bank Resource Management Japan, then APAC, and the Head of Bank Resource Management Division in 2019. After taking on roles as CAO and Head of Business Strategy for Institutional Equities Division in 2022, she was appointed as Head of Japan Sustainability Office in January 2023.

Miho received a BA in Foreign Language and Studies from Sophia University.


馬場 太一

笠井康則 氏

ジャパン・プロダクト・マネジメント ディレクター

国内証券・外資系証券を経て、2001年よりロイターにてデスクトップ・サーバープロダクト業務に従事。 2008年より株式ビジネス企画部門に異動、2013年よりアジア全体の株式とニュースビジネス企画を統括。2017年より国内クロスアセット・トレーディングビジネス企画を統括、2019年よりアジア全体に拡大。2021年以降、国内において各ビジネスラインを横断したビジネスデザインを統括。

Yasunori Kasai

Director, Japan Product Management,
Data & Analytics

Yasunori is leading the strategic business design across the business lines for Japan, LSEG since 2021. Prior to this, he was managing customer proposition of Trading business for pan-Asia, which includes information desktop terminal, transaction and news business since 2013. He also has product management experience in ex-Reuters, 20+ years experience in data provider. He has in total 5+ years experiences in securities houses.

Su Akimi

スー 昭美 氏

JPMorgan Asset Management
(Asia Pacific) Limited
Central Dealing/ Executive Director


Akimi Su

Executive Director
JPMorgan Asset Management
(Asia Pacific) Limited

Akimi Su, joined J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc. Tokyo Branch as a trader in 2005 after her tenure at two brokerage firms. Her role included overseeing foreign and domestic single stocks, baskets, derivatives, and FX as well as quantitative analytics such as transaction cost analysis and market microstructure research. After the restructuring and merger of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, she became a Japanese equity trader. She later changed her role from being a quant (LT) trader to a specialist (HT) trader. She relocated to Hong Kong in 2019 and currently specializes in all Asia Pacific equities as a specialist.

須甲 仁志

須甲 仁志 氏

トレーディング部 株式グループ チーフマネジャー


Hitoshi Suko

Chief Manager Equity Group Trading Division
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

Hitoshi joined Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management in Dec 2008, and in 2010 was appointed Head of Domestic Stock Trading. Hitoshi developed systems for various trading aspects, including OMS, TCA, and algo strategies. Led integration of trading and its system with Kokusai Asset management in 2015 and MU Investments in 2023. Prior to his current role, Hitoshi started as a system engineer in 2004 and system integration at Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking.


山中 美穂

渡邊史乃 氏




Shino Watanabe

Electronic Execution
Equity Execution Services, Equity Markets
Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc.

Shino joined Citigroup Global Markets Japan in 2022 to manage the Equity Electronic Trading business. Prior to joining Citi, Shino held various roles in Electronic Trading at Bank of America and Credit Suisse, covering responsibilities such as platform marketing and Execution performance consultancy. She has more than 15 years of experience covering Pan-Asia equity trading, primarily focused on Japan.