20th Annual Japan International Banking & Securities System Forum 2019 ~ IT Innovation for Financial and Capital Markets ~ ~


Online Registration is Closed. Delegates wishing to register please come on February 27th directly to the Registration desk located on the 3rd floor of Royal Park Hotel.

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Altair is a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high-performance computing (HPC) and data intelligence. With more than 2,000 scientists, engineers and creative thinkers in 25 countries, Altair is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA.
Altair’s mission is to explore and unleash the limitless potential of the curious and creative mind by transforming product and business decision-making through simulation, data intelligence and optimization solutions.

FRONTEO is a data analysis company providing services for various industriesincluding finance and banking.KIBIT is specialized in text analysis. With only several dozens of training data,KIBIT can learn and replicate the judgement mechanisms and intuitions (tacitknowledge) of experts.We will be showcasing our solutions targeted for financial institutions and somesuccess stories how our customers strengthened their compliance programs andstreamlined their business operations using KIBIT.If you are planning to deploy AI, or are wondering from where and how to getstarted, please drop by at FRONTEO booth.

Our all-inclusive market display SIXiD is ideally suited for monitoring financial markets and screening investments. You get access to our comprehensive database including reference data, market data, corporate information and business news as well as investment valuation and risk management tools.

Fressets EWM System® is a cryptographic asset management system for businesses provided as a software package along with modularization of each feature, registration of multiple encryption keys, asset segregation, multi-signature, HSM, and cold wallet that are isolated from the Internet. Because of this, we are able to secure hundreds of thousands of wallet addresses and store billion-dollar crypto assets. In response to a large amount of deposit and withdrawal requests from customers, such as cryptocurrency exchanges, we reached fruition to provide optimal security, availability, and convenience for operators who need to deposit large amounts of customer cryptographic assets.

We provide Security and Performance monitoring solutions for financial network infrastructures. For security, we offer the white hacker's manual penetoration test provided by Spirent Communications. For perfomance monitoring, Active and Capturing hybrid monitoring solution provided by Accedian Networks. We also introduce time related solutions such as ultra low latency devices and time sync for packet time stamping.