20th Annual Japan International Banking & Securities System Forum 2019 ~ IT Innovation for Financial and Capital Markets ~ ~


Online Registration is Closed. Delegates wishing to register please come on February 27th directly to the Registration desk located on the 3rd floor of Royal Park Hotel.

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12:30-13:00 Registration
** English / Japanese Simultaneous Interpretation will be provided.
13:00-13:30 Keynote Speech 1

The Current Status and Issues of Advanced Financial Services Utilizing IT

Mr. Yasushi Nakayama
Director, Center for Advanced Financial Technology
Financial System and Bank Examination Department
Bank of Japan

The Bank of Japan's Center for Advanced Financial Technology has held a “Continuous Workshop on Financial Advancement Utilizing IT” for three years since 2014 as an initiative to support financial institutions' operational efficiency and DX. And most recently, we have opened a workshop on a theme focusing on AI. In this talk, I will explain the current status of IT utilization at financial institutions in Japan and the issues and path for promoting DX that have been learned through these activities.

13:30-14:20 Panel Discussion 1

Blockchain & CryptoAsset in Financial Industry


Mr. Seiji Yuki
Managing Director
Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association


  • Mr.Yuzo Kano
    Co-Founder, bitFlyer, Inc.
    CEO, bitFlyer Blockchain, Inc.

  • Mr.Tomoo Onishi
    FXcoin Ltd.

  • Mr.Masahiko Hyuga
    Co-Founder, CEO
    Fressets, Inc.

Implementation of the blockchain in Financial Industry,Financial Product & Trade using Crypto Asset.

14:30-15:10 Special Presentation

JPX Group's Path to RPA Adoption and Initiatives for Encouraging Further Use

Mr. Joji Saga
IT Development Manager
Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

JPX Group will share its experience garnered since starting preliminary tests on RPA in FY2017, drawing on specific examples to illustrate the trial-and-error process, successful adoption of the technology, and the new challenges that have emerged, as well as future initiatives.

15:10-15:30 Cofee break
15:30-16:10 S-1 

Operational Risk Measures and Big Data Analysis Utilization Methods Required for Digital Transformation of Financial Businesses
〜Introduction Case of Altair's Digitalization and Visualization Tools〜

  • Mr.Keiichiro Oikawa
    Business Development Director Data Intelligence
    Altair Engineering Ltd.

  • Mr.Akitake Oguchi
    Technical Manager
    Altair Engineering Ltd.

  • Mr.Bruce Zulu
    Technical Support Manager
    Altair Engineering Ltd.

It is urgent for Japanese companies, especially for financial businesses, to enhance their competitiveness in the global market and improve operational efficiency through digital transformation of operations. In this presentation, Altair's BI tool (Digitalization and Visualization) will lead to valuable analysis results from enormous big data, which seems difficult to use, while improving operational efficiency such as reducing operational risk and repetitive tasks caused by human work. We will introduce Altair Knowledge Works with case studies.

16:20-17:00 S-2

Streamlining Financial Business Operations Using AI selected by the Financial Services Agency’s “Fin-Tech Experiment Hub”

  • Mr. Akihiro Shimoda
    Deputy Director
    Strategy Development Division, Strategy Development and Management Bureau

  • Mr. Kenyanisei Igasaki
    Director, FRONTEO AI BizDevOps Lab.
    FRONTEO, Inc.

FRONTEO’s proprietary AI “KIBIT” has been widely adopted in various industriesto increase productivity, efficiency of operations, and transform data intoknowledge.In 2018, FRONTEO was selected by the Financial Services Agency to conduct aPoC for the 3rd project of “FinTech Experiment Hub”. The objective of the projectwas to streamline compliance check operations using AI at financial institutions. In this session, FRONTEO is illustrating the process from PoC to actual operationusing the “FinTech Experiment Hub” as an example. Also, we will be sharing thechallenges and solutions for enhancing and streamlining business operations usingour AI “KIBIT”.

17:10-17:50 S-3

Geopolitical and Regulatory Challenges - Risks or Opportunities?

  • Dr. Jochen Durr
    Chief Risk Officer Member of the Executive Board
  • Mr.Neil Thomas
    Country Head- APAC
    SIX Financial Information Japan Ltd
  • Mr. Toshiaki Sunagawa
    Head of Business Development
    SIX Financial Information Japan Ltd.

Reports of conflicts, trade disputes but also economic upheavals characterize the news these days. These global strategic challenges also have an impact on the environment in which financial service providers operate worldwide. They are associated with significant risks but can also create opportunities if the risks are mitigated. Jochen Durr, CRO of SIX Group, uses Sanctions as a use case to demonstrate how SIX can support you with the help of its data offering.

18:00-18:50 Panel Discussion 2

Digital Security (Security Token) Trading
-Where Are We Now and What Does the Future Hold for the Japanese Market?


Mr. Hiroshi Matsubara

Co-Chair, FIX Trading Community Japan Regional Committee
Marketing Director
ION Group Japan KK


  • Mr. So Kawanami
    Strategy Group
    Fintertech Co.Ltd.

  • Dr. Jochen Durr

    Chief Risk Officer, Member of the Executive Board

In addition to the global movements toward Digital Currency such as Libra and Digital Yuan, Digital Security (Security Token ) is attracting a lot of industrial discussions / initiatives among the Japanese financial institutions, given that Security Token is to be formerly defined as a regulated financial instrument under the coming revised enforcement of Financial Instrument and Exchange Act in this April. Japan STO Association was also established in the last October by leading domestic securities firms as an effort of creating an industrial self-regulatory body for STO. This panel will analyze the current situation of Digital Security trading both in Japan and overseas and discuss what the future holds as a new alternative asset class from the investment management perspective.

18:50-20:00 Networking drink reception

*Agenda and speakers are subject to change. For the most updated agenda, please visit this website.
** English / Japanese Simultaneous Interpretation will be provided.