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24th Annual Japan International Banking & Securities System Forum 2023 〜The Future of Financial Digitization Accelerating in the New Normal Era〜


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*Japanese-English Simultaneous interpretation will be available at the venue (Keynote 3, 4 and Panel Discussion only)

9:20-9:50 Keynote Speech-1(30 miniutes)

Japan Exchange Group's Challenge for the Future of Capital Markets

Ryusuke Yokoyama

Executive Vice President & CIO

Japan Exchange Group, Inc.


9:55-10:35 S-1(40 miniutes)

Protecting Customers from Phishing Emails: A Thorough Explanation of BIMI/DMARC, the Special Remedy for Phishing Emails

Yukimi Sota

Chief Security Evangelist Japan

Proofpoint Japan K.K.

Japan has been slow to adopt BIMI/DMARC, which can protect not only its own organization but also its customers and business partners from email fraud. With the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) requiring credit card companies to strengthen their DMARC measures, it goes without saying that DMARC is effective for all companies that use email for business communication. Proofpoint, which has the highest rate of DMARC implementation support for Fortune 1000 companies, will thoroughly explain the significance, effectiveness, implementation/operation procedures, and key points of DMARC.

10:45-11:25 S-2(40 miniutes)

A Guide to More Efficient and Effective SOC Teams

Hajime Endo

Sr. Manager of Enterprise SE 1

Cybereason G.K.


11:30-12:10 S-3(40 miniutes)

Risks Lurking Behind the Systems that Support DX of Financial Services?

Yukio Ito

Solution Architect

F5 Networks Japan G.K.

In recent years, many services have been built using open source libraries and external APIs.
On the other hand, not many organizations are aware of all the libraries and APIs in use.
What kind of architectural approach is needed to deal with risks that are not visible on the surface?
We will explain the basic elements and examples of how to respond.

12:10-12:50 Lunch Break
12:50-13:20 Keynote Speech-2(30 miniutes)

Financial Institution's DX Strategy Trends, Surrounding Social Environments, and Required Cyber Security Risk Management 

Takayuki Ohinata

Group CISO

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.


13:25-14:05 S-4(40 miniutes)

What is the Method to Promote Data Utilization Ansstrengthen Anance at the Same Time?

Takanori Hirai

Senior Presales Engineer

Denodo Technologies Kabushiki Kaisha

As the value of data and the importance of its utilization become well known, the question arises as to how quickly scattered data can be utilized. However, because data is important, mishandling it will incur a large penalty. What is required now is to simultaneously achieve the contradictory goals of promoting data utilization and strengthening data governance. In this presentation, we will introduce solutions by logically managing data with case studies.

14:15-14:30 S-5(15 miniutes)

The Latest “Fraud Audit” Solution Utilizing Natural Language AI, Cultivated Through Overwhelming Fraud Investigation Results

Tetsuya Hayakawa

Deputy General Manager of Business Intelligence Division


With the recent progress of digitalization, the management environment of financial institutions is now filled with a large amount of communication data such as e-mails, chats, and voice data.

In addition, the sophistication of internal audits and the transition from partial audits to full audits have created a need for audits of such data. In this session, we will introduce the "advancement of ordinary audit operations " utilizing AI technology cultivated through numerous fraud investigations since our founding in order to address this issue.

14:40-14:55 S-6(15 miniutes)

Digital Transformation Goes Mainstream

James Marsden

Head of Post-trade, APAC


Digital Transformation Goes Mainstream: A new chapter in digital transformation is emerging. In this session, James Marsden will share findings from a recent survey of leading financial institutions in Japan that examined what challenges they are addressing with technology innovation, and which future market changes and regulatory reforms firms are most concerned about or consider to have the biggest impact on their investment in modernizing the technology stack. He will provide insights on the impact of next-gen technologies, how to overcome challenges in digital transformation and what leaders do differently. Finally, he will provide recommendations for turning market and technology change into business opportunities.

14:55-15:15 Coffee Break
15:15-15:55 S-7(40 miniutes)

KPMG Initiatives to Promote Companies to Leverage Web3.0

Kenji Hoki
Head of Web3.0 Promotion Support Division, KPMG Japan
Director, Financial Services, KPMG AZSA LLC.


Tatsuji Fujii
Deputy Head of Web3.0 Promotion Support Division, KPMG Japan
Director, BI-Management, KPMG Consulting Co., Ltd.

Tomokazu Sekiguchi
Partner, Financial Services, KPMG AZSA LLC.


16:00-16:40 S-8(40 miniutes)

Your Spending for Security Product Works Well? Validate with Automated-PenTest

Hiroaki Yamada

Account Sales, Tokyo Electron Device Limited

Tokyo Electron Device Limited



16:45-17:00 S-9(15 miniutes)

Market Trend of CBDC and Stable Coin, Introduction of Digital Currency Accelerator

Kazumasa Hirose

Head of Sales&Marketing Dept.

SBI R3 Japan

R3 has developed a Digital Currency Accelerator to speed up the issuance of digital currencies in order to stay one step ahead of banks and other regulated market participants.
Digital Currency Accelerator will issue and manage distribution of two types of digital currencies: CBDC and fiat backed stable coins. In this session we will introduce market trend of stable coins including CBDC and features of Digital Currency Accelerator.

17:05-17:35 Keynote Speech-3(30 miniutes)

Financial Issues

Teruhisa Kurita

Director-General, Strategy Development and Management Bureau

Financial Services Agency

In recent years, the financial environment has changed dramatically. This session gives a comprehensive overview of various financial issues such as the expansion of new financial services including Web 3.0 and digital assets, and digital transformation (DX) by regional banking which plays a critical role in regional revitalizations.

17:40-18:10 Keynote Speech-4(30 miniutes)

Development of Web3.0 and its Driver, and Transformation in the Financial Business

Kenji Hoki

Advisor / Chairperson of Usecase Subcommittee & Custody Subcommittee

Japan Cryptoasset Business Association


18:20-19:00 Panel Discussion(40 miniutes)

"TradFi vs DeFi/Crypto" - Towards a Paradigm Shift of the Financial Market


Hiroshi Matsubara

Co-chair, Japan Regional Committee - FIX Trading Community /
Representative, Pine Grove Research


Kimio Mikazuki


Osaka Digital Exchange Co., Ltd.

Makoto Sakaguchi 

Representative Director

Cumberland Japan K.K.

Web 3.0 is becoming a hot topic across the industries in Japan. Crypto assets constitute a key fundamental layer of the Web3.0 concept. DLT/Blockchain, technical platform of the crypto assets, may potentially give a disruptive change into the financial markets and many cases of Proof of Concepts have been taken place to potentially adopt this new technology into the traditional securities and payment markets. This session intends to see the current gap which exists between DeFi/Crypto finance and TradFi (Traditional Finance) and explore how they may mutually evolve into a future paradigm shift of the total financial market structure.

19:00-20:00 Networking Cocktail