G-MAC Conference Report

6th Annual Japan International Banking&Securities System Forum 2005

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Thank you!
G-MAC would like to thank all the sponsors, speakers and delegates of the 7th Annual Japan International Banking & Securities System Forum for making it a most successful event attended by over 200 participants.


Conference Topic Highlights

  • Japan’s Securities & Settlement Reform - Implementation Guidelines for 2009
  • Preparing for New Business and IT Requirements deriving from Japan’s new “Investment Services Law ”
    (provisional title -- Scheduled to pass Fall 2006 Diet)

  • Trend and issues around increasing "IT Control" requirements
    Identifying baseline and common IT requirements for SOX, Japan SOX, Basel II, Privacy Protection Act and JFSA inspection, etc

    日本版SOX法、BIS規制、個人情報保護法、金融庁検査等々、証券業界におけるITガバナンス、 コントロールプロセス、リスク管理等に関して日々高まる要件の最新動向および課題
  • 日本版SOX法VS米国SOX法 対応策と今後の課題について
  • Current Issues and Strategies for BCP, Operational Risk and Basel II
    BCP、オペレーショナルリスクとBasel II 現在の課題と今後迫られる対応
グラフ グラフ Participants:259


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