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《Panel Guidance》

Yasuo Mogi
Vice Chairman-Representative Director,
Futures Industry Association Japan (FIAJ)
Chairman & CEO,
Nissan Century Securities Co., Ltd

Panel Discussion1

Trends in Financial Regulatory Reform and Financial Market Infrastructure: Clearing House-related Issues


Peter Laurence Jaeger

Chairman, Legal & Regulatory Committee and Board Member of FIAJ

Managing Director

Asia Pacific Head of Futures & Options and OTC Clearing

Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd.


  • Toshihide Endo
    Deputy director-General of the Planning and Coordination Bureau
    Financial Services Agency
  • Hironaga Miyama
    President and CEO,
    Japan Securities Clearing Corporation
  • Sean Lawrence
    Chairman, Market Operation Committee and Board Member of FIAJ
    Chief Executive Officer
    ABN AMRO Clearing Tokyo Co., Ltd
  • Satoshi Yoshida
    Managing Director
    Corporate Planning Dept.
    Daiwa Securities Co.Ltd.

Keynote Speech

JPX Derivatives Markets on Single Platform and Strategy to Grow Further

Hiromi Yamaji

President & CEO

Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd.


Coffee Break


Event Processing, Real-Time Analytics and High-Speed Messaging in Financial Markets

Richard Tibbetts,

CTO Event Processing,

TIBCO Software Inc.

Koji Ishikawa,

Senior Solution Consultant,

TIBCO Software Japan Inc.

With the ever increasing need for trading speeds -- while managing risks -- technologies such as complex event processing, real-time analytics and high-speed messaging are critical in achieving a competitive edge in financial markets. 


We will present a low-latency integrated solution that allows real-time trading applications to be rapidly built and deployed using a visual development/debugging environment and pre-built connectivity to over 100 data sources. 


Use cases based on this solution such as compliance and trade-flow monitoring, algorithmic trading, order routing, pricing, and real-time analytics across multiple asset classes have already been deployed by major players in financial markets in the US and Europe.



Realizing High frequency and transparancy of Electronic trading

Donal Byrne
CEO & President
Corvil Ltd.

(Guest Speaker)
Mr. Ryusuke Yokoyama
Executive Officer,
Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

In this rapidly expanding field of high performance electronic trading, Corvil has always been used as the de facto standard for latency management and monitoring solutions by Major exchange and global financial institutions in the world.
Facing the Global financial crisis as a turning point, there has been an increased demand from the market for trading to not just be faster, but to also have more transparency and fairness. Hence, the latest version is advanced to include real-time monitoring solutions such as latency management, trading management, and risk management on the same appliance. In this workshop, together with our reference cases in global, we would Invite Mr. Ryusuke Yokoyama, Executive officer, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. To introduce their references cases and new services with advanced technology.



Trends that surround the start of SEF mandate, US Dodd Frank Act & European market infrastructure regulation (EMIR)
~SEF & OTC Derivatives Electronic Trading Solutions~

Trevor Mallinson
Business Manager IRS eTrading, EMEA/APAC
Bloomberg (London)

Tatsuya Asano
TOMS Trading Solutions, Japan
Bloomberg (Tokyo)

As the trading mandate begins for US Persons, this session puts the lens on the changing swaps market environment through the eyes of Bloomberg SEF, the leading global Swaps Execution Facility. The most recent regulatory changes stemming from Dodd Frank and EMIR will be looked at alongside Bloomberg's solutions to those changes in the pre-trade, execution and post-trade processing cycle (including reporting and clearing) in the context of market participants in Japan.


Achieving Smart Operations and Reduced Risks in Corporate Actions Processing

Harry Rana
Director, Business Development,
SunGard's XSP.

Corporate actions processing has long been considered one of the most challenging and high-risk areas of securities operations. The Japanese economy and pending tax hike coupled with the rising volumes and complexity of corporate actions events add to the pressure and increased risks for financial institutions processing corporate actions events manually. Firms are constantly looking for cost-effective and innovative automated solutions to gain control and maximise operational efficiencies.


Our expert will share his insights on the corporate actions space, examine the challenges facing the Japanese market, explore the role of technology in reducing risk, and discuss how SunGard helps organisations achieve more in managing the processing of this high-risk area through automation.


Coffee Break

Panel Discussion2

Buy-side Trading under ongoing Equities Market Structure Changes in Japan


Hiroshi Matsubara

Co-chair, Japan FIX Committee /

Marketing Director, Fidessa kk


  • Yusuke Sakai
    Senior Trader Trading Dept.
    T&D Asset Management Co., Ltd.
  • Yasuaki Sumimoto
    General Manager Trading Division
    Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Co., Ltd.
  • Tetsuya Wakabayashi
    Head of Trading
    Invesco Asset Management (Japan) Limited
  • Takashi Hiratsuka
    Trading Group Leader Asset Management
    Resona Bank,Ltd

Dinner Buffet & Networking Cocktail Reception


*Agenda and speakers are subject to change. For the most updated agenda, please visit this website.
** Japanese/English Simultaneous Interpretation will be provided.


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