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Hongo Kiguchi Building 4F,
Hongo 1-34-3,
Tokyo 113-0033,

Tel: + 81-3-5805-6070
Fax: + 81-3-5805-6065
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 Date: September 19, 2001
 Location: Nippon Kaiun Club (Nagatacho)
Tokyo, Japan


The concept and scope of risks that risk managers must consider in order to avoid maximum loss has broaden with the advancement of VaR. The focus has shifted from mere statistical-mathematical calculations to the holistic treatment of enterprise-wide risk with which a company can reduce or transfer risk and increase its risk-adjusted return on capital. Driven by the increasingly complex financial environment, risk practitioners must continually stay abreast of the constant refinement and improvement of risk management techniques. The conference aims to provide risk professionals in financial institutions with the standards that represent best practice in the industry. Delegates will be acquiring and taking back with them knowledge of the practices that other risk professionals have successfully employed within their own institutions. Moreover, the conference will be balanced with presentations from prominent researchers on the latest theoretical developments. Don't miss the opportunity to attend the leading risk management forum in Japan!

Executive Speakers include:
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes)Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein:
Ansgar Herkert, Director, Risk Control
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes)Goldman Sachs (Japan) Ltd: Naoki Kamiyama, CFA, Vice President, Quantitative Research, Investment Research Dept.
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes) The Kamakura Corporation:
Dr. Donald R. van Deventer, President
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes) Morgan Stanley Japan Limited:
Yuji Morimoto, Vice President, Fixed Income Division
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes) MTB Investment Technology Institute Co., Ltd.:
Hidetoshi Nakagawa, Researcher
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes) NLI Research Institute:
Shuji Tanaka, Executive Research Fellow, Financial Research Group
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes) Swiss Re Capital Markets (Japan) Ltd.:
Atsuhito Sakai, President
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes) UFJ Holdings, Inc.:
Kenji Fujii, Deputy General Manager, Risk Management Department
Topics include:
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes)New Trends in Firmwide Risk Management
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes)Application of Extreme Value Theory for Risk Management
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes)Portfolio Risk Management
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes)The New Basle Accord and its Potential Impact
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes)Effectively Implementing Risk Management Systems
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes)A New Paradigm of Risk Management Model from a Mathematical Point of View
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes)Integration of Credit Risk & Market Risk Toward Asset/Liability Management
bullet-02.gif (125 bytes)Integrated Capital & Risk Managment: Concept and Applications

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