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Welcome to the FPL Japan Electronic Trading Conference 2012




  • 基調講演
    • 電子化する市場と規制上の課題
    • 真のインベスターを育てるために
  • プレゼンテーション
    • 日本証券取引所の針路
    • 研究報告 − 米国株式市場における代替市場と規制の現状
    • 欧州株式市場の規制とトレーディングを取り巻く環境の変化
    • 研究報告 − 国内株式市場の分断と市場流動性に与える影響
  • パネル・ディスカッション
    • バイサイドパネル − 日本市場に最良執行義務は根付くのか?
    • セルサイドパネル − 電子取引競争の最前線
    • マーケットパネル − 日本における本格的な市場間競争の幕開け
    • テクノロジーパネル − 次世代のトレーディングインフラストラクチャー


On October 2nd, FPL welcomes you to join industry leading experts at the 2012 FPL Japan Electronic Trading Conference. Building upon the tremendous success of 2006, 2008 and 2010 event, each of which attracted more than 500 attendees from the Japanese trading community, including more than 100 buy-side, the 2012 conference will address the key issues, challenges and opportunities impacting both the global and Japanese trading environment today.

Utilising the knowledge and experience FPL has developed in creating events globally, this event will aim to deliver an exceptional conference driven by a high quality, educationally focused agenda, created by the FPL Japan Regional Committee. This dedicated team benefits from the wealth of local knowledge and expertise held by its participants, which includes representatives from some of the world's leading firms within the financial services sector.

In addition to an exceptional agenda, this event will also provide an unrivalled opportunity for delegates to meet and network with colleagues and clients from the Japanese trading community throughout the event day and into the evening at the post-event cocktail party. Additionally, delegates will be able to learn about the latest solutions available to local market participants within the exhibit hall.

Scheduled Topics:

  • Keynote Speeches
    • Regulatory implication in the development of electronic trading
    • Fostering “The Genuine Investors”
  • Presentations
    • The Course for Japan's Stock Exchanges
    • Research report - Regulation and the Current Status of Alternative Markets in the U.S. Stock Market
    • Changes in the Regulatory and Trading Environments for European Stock Markets
    • Research report - Analysis of the Domestic Stock Market and the Impact on Market Liquidity
  • Panel Discussions
    • Technology panel - Next Generation Trading Infrastructure
    • Market panel - The Dawn of Full-Fledged Inter-Market Competition in Japan
    • Sell-side panel - Frontlines of Competition in E-Trading
    • Buy-side panel - Will a Best Execution Obligation Take Hold in the Japanese Market?

* To manage language differentials, each session will be accompanied by simultaneous interpretation in English and Japanese.

Who should attend? / 対象参加者

  • Buy-side, Sell-side, Exchanges, Vendors and Regulatory Bodies
  • Trading, Dealing, Sales, Marketing and IT Professionals
  • 国内系・外資系バイサイド、セルサイド、取引所 及びベンダー 関係者
  • トレーディング、ディーリング、セールス、コネクティビティー、企画及び IT部署関係者

Venue / 会場

Royal Park Hotel
2-1-1 Nihonbashi-Kakigara-cho, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 103-8520, Japan
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FAX: 81-(0)3-3667-1115 
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Contact us / お問い合わせ

ICS Convention Design, Inc
(Conference Organizer for the FPL Japan Electronic Trading Conference 2012)
Tel: 81-(0)3-3219-3561
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Contact person: Ms. Mochizuki, Ms. Tsurumaru, Mr. Takasaka

Tel: 81-(0)3-3219-3561
Fax: 81-(0)3-3219-3628
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