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  BPM Forum 2005

gIntegrating IT with Businessh for Corporate Management Reform and Increasing Customer Value Realigning your Business Process with BPM/SOA and Utilizing your Corporate Data Assets effectively
mDaten November 2,2005
mVenuen Aoyama Diamond Hall ,Tokyo

Conference Topic Highlights

yMorning Session Highlight..z
  • gIntegrating IT with Businessh-Realigning your Business Process to Support Management
  • Triumphfs IT Strategy - And how it supported 18 years of consecutive revenue growth
  • "Building the Pillar of your business into your IT architecture" -KDDI's Challenge and IT Strategy

ySelected Afternoon Session topics..z

  • Business Process Excellence for the Financial Industry
  • Enterprise Data Asset Liquidity: The most critical IT infrastructure requirement for uniting IT and corporate management
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB):
  • Visualization of Business Process and Real time Monitoring with BAM
  • Integrating Client Data and Realizing New CRM through SOA

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Dr.Geoffrey Long, , Department Manager,IT Department,
Triumph International Japan Ltd.
Takahito Shigeno,
CIO KDDI Corporation
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